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This Water Goes North (2008)

ISBN: 978-0-9796852-0-0
Hardcover, 5 1/4 x 8 1/2
Smythe sewn, cloth cover
256 pages, color insert, $21.95 retail

Available from Ingram, Baker & Taylor

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It may seem odd that four Iowa boys would find themselves on a 1,400-mile canoe trip, but really, it isn't. On any summer afternoon, one out of three kids is lying on the grass, hitching a ride on a passing cloud to somewhere other than where they are. Our cloud went to Hudson Bay.

Excerpt from preface of This Water Goes North

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Librarian Reviews

"My book discussion group (mostly retired females), enjoyed This Water Goes North so much that they ordered copies for their sons and husbands."

Maryann Mori
Waukee Public Library, Iowa

"A true adventure story about four young men out to see the world. Put this book on your must read list!"

Peg Burington
Waupaca Public Library, Wisconsin

"A delightful adventure story, beautifully written with wry, laugh-out-loud humor and universal insights into human nature. More than just a travelogue, it is about living life to the fullest. I highly recommend this book for all of the daydreamers and armchair adventurers out there. Know teenagers who don't like to read? This book is sure to spark their imagination."

Wendy Wendt, 2008 president,
Minnesota Library Association

"Few people have the gall to drop everything in the name of adventure. This Water Goes North is the story of a group of friends who dared to travel well over a thousand miles with nothing more than beat-up canoes and their wits. The story reads like an adventure novel, but is a true-life story, which makes it all the more intriguing . . . very much recommended, enthralling reading."

Midwest Book Review

"A fine story about the dreams, resilience, and joys of youth . . . A trip well worth taking."

"The rich and delightful account of four adventurous souls . . . A marvelous story that will make you not only feel young again, but may cause you to dream of new or old adventures, perhaps one of which you reckon must finally be pursued."

Todd Burras, Ames Tribune, Iowa

"A must read for anyone who ever grasped that 'wild hair of youth,' . . . and for anyone who didn't, but wishes he had."

Wamego Times, Kansas

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