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In 1979 gas was scarce, polyester should have been, and Darth Vader was the new menace. Sony introduced the Walkman, the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor went berserk, and former Laugh-In star Goldie Hawn gave birth to Kate Hudson.

Three decades have passed since the lads headed for Hudson Bay. Kate is a movie icon, and Sony produced its last tape Walkman. The four adventures still live in the Midwest, where gas is scarce, and Vader again roams the galaxy.

After two and a half months, the boys reach the remote York Factory outpost on Hudson Bay, 1979


Hank and Rich in Lucky, purchased at a garage sale.

Author, Keeper Aliver
Keith Kohler, Philosopher
Hank Kohler, Dreamer
Rich Wiebke, Navigator

Still living the dream, 2009
Note: Only one mile of paddling on this day.

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