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This Water Goes North program


Over the past two years, Dennis has spoken at 120 libraries across the Midwest, sharing photos and stories of this wonderful expedition.

Audience: Teens and Adults

Presenting at the 2010 Eric Sevareid Symposium. The first book the famous newscaster wrote was about his own 1930 journey to Hudson Bay.

"Dennis was a hit at our library. His presentation was engaging, humorous, and brought in a wide spectrum of people, including several who had never before set foot in our library."

Laura Blaker, Independence Library, IA

"Our Fergus Falls library audience fell in love with these Iowa farm boys and their story, even thirty years after their incredible journey."

Walt Dunlap, Fergus Falls Library, MN

"An exciting and heart-warming story. Dennis is an entertaining storyteller and easy to work with. A great show for all ages!"

Julie Belougny, Thorp Library, WI

"Fun and informative. A program your patrons will love!"

Terry Tikovitsch, Iowa Falls Library, IA


Top photo: Middleton Public Library, WI
Bottom photo: Canoecopia

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